The plant is astringent, bitter, detergent, sedative, stomachic and tonic[4, 7, 21, 53, 165, 238]. It contains the alkaloid 'vincamine', which is used by the pharmaceutical industry as a cerebral stimulant and vasodilator[238]. It also contains 'reserpine', which reduces high blood pressure[238]. It is used internally in the treatment of excessive menstruation, abnormal uterine bleeding, vaginal discharge and hardening of the arteries[238]. It should not be given to patients with constipation[238]. It is applied externally to vaginal discharge, nosebleed, sore throat and mouth ulcers[238]. The plants are cut when flowering and dried for later use[238]. The fresh flowers are gently purgative, but lose their effect on drying[4]. A homeopathic remedy is made from the fresh leaves[4]. It is used in the treatment of haemorrhages[4].