Carrot Root

Cultivated carrot roots are a rich source of beta-carotene, which is converted to vitamin A by the liver[254]. When used as a regular item in the diet the roots improve eyesight and skin health, and also have anti-cancer effects[238]. A wonderful cleansing medicine, it supports the liver and stimulates urine flow and the removal of waste by the kidneys[254]. The root is diuretic and ophthalmic[7]. The juice of organic carrots is a delicious drink and a valuable detoxifier[254]. The raw root, grated or mashed, is a safe treatment for threadworms, especially in children[254]. The seed is carminative, galactogogue, lithontripic and stimulant[7, 240]. They are useful in the treatment of kidney diseases, dropsy and to settle the digestive system[240, 254]. They stimulate menstruation and have been used in folk medicine as a treatment for hangovers[254].