Pumpkin Seed

The pumpkin has been much used as a medicine in Central and North America. It is a gentle and safe remedy for a number of complaints, especially as an effective tapeworm remover for children and pregnant women for whom stronger acting and toxic remedies are unsuitable[254]. The seeds are mildly diuretic and vermifuge[7, 88, 254]. The complete seed, together with the husk, is used to remove tapeworms. The seed is ground into a fine flour, then made into an emulsion with water and eaten. It is then necessary to take a purgative afterwards in order to expel the tapeworms or other parasites from the body[7]. As a remedy for internal parasites, the seeds are less potent than the root of Dryopteris felix-mas, but they are safer for pregnant women, debilitated patients and children[238]. The seed is used to treat hypertrophy of the prostate[218]. The seed is high in zinc and has been used successfully in the early stages of prostate problems[254]. The diuretic action has been used in the treatment of nephritis and other problems of the urinary system[254]. The leaves are applied externally to burns[240]. The sap of the plant and the pulp of the fruit can also be used[254]. The fruit pulp is used as a decoction to relieve intestinal inflammation[254].