Sheep Sorrel

Sheep's sorrel is a detoxifying herb, the fresh juice of the leaves having a pronounced diuretic effect[254]. Like other members of the genus, it is mildly laxative and holds out potential as a long term treatment for chronic disease, in particular that of the gastro-intestinal tract[254]. The plant is also part of a North American formula called essiac which is a popular treatment for cancer. Its effectiveness has never been reliably proven or disproven since controlled studies have not been carried out. The other herbs included in the formula are Arctium lappa, Ulmus rubra and Rheum palmatum[254]. The whole plant, used in the fresh state, is diaphoretic, diuretic and refrigerant[222]. A tea made from the leaves is used in the treatment of fevers, inflammation and scurvy[222]. The leaf juice is useful in the treatment of urinary and kidney diseases[4]. A leaf poultice is applied to tumours, cysts etc, and is a folk treatment for cancer[222]. A tea made from the roots is astringent and is used in the treatment of diarrhoea and excessive menstrual bleeding[222].