Three Great Ideas For Your Kitchen Herb Garden

Three Great Ideas For Your Kitchen Herb Garden

Are you a spicy foodie? How much do you spend at the store for that basil in your pasta or fresh chives in your dish? It’s about time you saved tons of money by planting some of your favorite herbs in your home garden. 

And now you are thinking, “I don’t have a garden.” Well, hold your horses negative Nancy! All you need is a container, soil, seedlings, planters, and a patio or a kitchen counter, and you are ready to go. Yes, it’s that simple and fun too. 

Here are the three herb garden ideas that are bound to get you up and running.

  1. Go Green

Be kind to the earth with your bottle of wine. Among the different containers used to grow herbs at home are recycled wine bottles. Usually 8 inches high, the bottles are used to create a hydroponic grow system.

Plant your herb of choice, whether rosemary, basil, or green oregano, and place the wine bottle next to your kitchen window. The window will give sufficient sunlight to your plant. Also, the hydroponics will keep your kitchen free from dirty or messy soil. 

  1. DIY Your Way To A Herb Garden

The best part about being a DIYer is that you get a chance to channel your creativity and make your herb garden your own. For instance, implement the idea above with your empty wine bottle. Or, make a pot at your pottery class and turn it into an herb container. 

If you want something more straightforward to make and implement, get yourself a DIY herb garden kit. The kit comes with plant markers, a growing medium, three rustic ceramic planters, and some herb seeds. The most common type of seeds provided is the sage, chives, and basil herb seeds.

The three types of herbs are perfect indoor culinary herbs. Besides, their fragrance is delightful to be around. 

  1. Your Garden Can Be Smart Too

Sometimes, your kitchen space isn’t privy to enough sunlight. Other times, you find that you are too busy to give your herbs the attention they need. Don’t fret; you can take advantage of the possibilities of technological innovations by getting a smart herb garden

A smart garden will take care of your herbs completely because the kits are made with a self-controlled system. An intelligent garden provides your herbs with the right nutrients, water, and air for optimal growth.

With this system, your work will be to plug in the smart garden into your outlet. You also need to fill the garden’s water tank, but only once a month or so. Don’t let your 9 to 5 keep you from growing herbs in your kitchen all year round.


Culinary gardens are a fun and cheap way of incorporating herbs into your palette. Are you worried about the kitchen space? Use a window sill suction cup shelf to mount your herb planters on the window. Remember to place your plants in a location that readily welcomes the sun. 

Don’t let social distancing and quarantine deter you from making herbilicious food. Make use of your kitchen space and have an explosive herb growing experience.