Maca: The Mystery Behind This Underutilized Herb

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Maca: The Mystery Behind This Underutilized Herb

Maca: The Mystery Behind This Underutilized Herb

Maca is a plant that comes from Peru. The root is the edible part of the plant. It can be consumed as maca powder, liquid extract, or in the form of maca supplement pills. The benefits of Maca roots comprise of natural healing properties such as strengthening fertility, improving sexual dysfunction, and also reducing anxiety levels.

Maca prescriptions should be followed thoroughly to avoid inflammation within the body. Long-term consumption of up to 8 to 16 weeks portrays the best results of Maca.

You can add maca powder to your meals, have it in a drink, or simply pop capsules.

Health Benefits of Maca

Maca offers a wide range of health benefits. The need to consume expensive medication daily goes for a toss when you begin to include Maca supplements in your daily lifestyle. Here are some noteworthy contributions of Maca:

  • Maca roots help to positively influence the hormones that are linked with libido in humans. Consequently, this leads to increased blood flow to the penile region of men and vagina in women. Thus, combating erectile dysfunction (ED) and low vaginal sensitivity respectively.


  • Women who are adapting to the abrupt stop of their menstrual cycle must consume Maca. This is due to the estrogen-like behavior of Maca extracts. It stabilizes the natural decline in estrogen that causes mental and sexual discomfort to women.


  • Maca extracts consist of flavonoids. Flavonoids promote antioxidant and antiallergic properties. Even better, flavonoids boost psychological activity by fending out depression and anxiety hormones.


  • Are you an athletic person? Looking for ways to boost your performance? Maca supplements will help in increasing your energy due to protein-building amino acids. Within a couple of months of consumption, there will be an evident increase in overall stamina.


  • Maca powder comprises of a number of essential nutrients that help with various bodily functions. Vitamin C and B6, along with a good amount of fiber, iron, potassium, protein, and manganese are few of its nutritious constituents.


  • Men who are suffering from fertility issues such as premature ejaculation or lower sperm quantities during ejaculation, can reap the benefits of maca. Sperm count, mobility, and quality, all face a significant spike after 4 months of maca consumption.


  • Men who suffer from Benign Prostate Hyperplasia (BPH) are victims of an enlarged prostate. This condition gets worse with time and adds to more pain. Regular consumption of maca supplements will reduce inflammation in the prostate gland and also reduce the prostate size.